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Pick Me Not – How to Discourage Lock Picking

Pick Me Not – How to Discourage Lock Picking
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Lock picking is an activity that is no longer new. People see it on TV many times. You yourself might have experienced the same being done on your home locks. If so, what is the best remedy for it not to happen again? Well, there is no one best remedy. If they are persistent and skilled enough, bad people will try to enter your home.

Do Your Best and Avoid Burglary

Pick Me Not – How to Discourage Lock PickingThe best you can do is to make it really hard for them to do it enough to convince them to forget about it or, heaven forbid, move to easier targets. If you are interested, here are some measures that you can take to prevent people from picking your door locks.

*  Install a deadbolt

One of the ways to prevent a break-in is to install more than one lock on your door. The best option is a deadbolt lock, which is more resistant to locking picking. Having two locks to pick would surely make a thief or intruder work twice as hard and twice as long. Hopefully, the additional effort and time he will employ would discourage him in his plan of trespassing.

* Upgrade your locks

If you are not yet aware, know that there are several smart locks available today. That’s right. Such term is not just limited to phones. If you have the budget, have your locks replaced with these. If you want some information on these smart locks, you can call our locksmith company for assistance. These more modern locks have undoubtedly more security features that would certainly improve your level of safety and protection. However, if your budget cannot handle this, you can just opt for lock replacement using less common locks like dimple lock, tubular lock, rotating disc lock and more. These usually require specialty tools in order to be successfully picked. Make sure that the new lock you pick meets strict durability and security standards. Look for one that has ANSI or American National Standards Institute Grade 1 classification.

* Aim for a less-inviting environment

Another way for you to discourage lock picking is by making your doors more visible to the public. This way, intruders will have a harder time hiding when trying to pick your locks. In the process, they might get spotted by other people and duly report it to the authorities even before something bad happens to you.

In this age, you can never be too careful. You should always employ measures to improve your security in order assure the safety of your loved ones.

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