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Wouldn't it be great if you had answers to so many questions you have about your locks or keys? The following answers to questions frequently asked are all related to key problems and lock trouble. Check them out and find out what to do when you are dealing with related issues

Should I poke the broken key in the lock to remove it?

When you have broken your key while opening or locking the door or any part of your home, it is not advisable that you poke it or losing the other half. The locksmith arriving in your home will know what should be done such as cutting a new key and also removing the broken piece without affecting the lock’s function.

Can I enhance the security of our door?

Some of the things you can do are checking your door’s physical strength and checking its frame for any splits that may affect how the lock functions. Doing these things could help avoid getting invaded. Also, take time in checking the durability of the locks as it could also improve the security.

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