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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Company to Provide the Help That You Need

Interested to learn more about our locksmith services and the overall attitude of our professionals? Check out the following testimonials of our company's clients and get an idea. They share their own opinion regarding our work and team and people will certainly find their experiences very helpful

Told me about new locks

"My wife and I decided to change a few locks in the house, but had no idea what to choose. A friend suggested your company and the truth is that we had no reason not to trust you. What we didn't expect was such devotion and a friendly staff. We had all our questions answered and even more. We were informed about the latest home locks and which systems would be best for us. Lock installation took place at a suitable time for us, the technician was great and our house was secure. Such a great team you are! We'll definitely recommend you!"

Great home lock rekeying service

"When my mom was visiting, she noticed that my friends were coming in and out of my apartment as if they owned the place. She didn't like that one bit (I guess she was right, come to think about it). She explained how these things can lead to bad experiences and then she called Locksmith Northlake  to have the locks rekeyed. I didn't object because I knew she was right. What impressed us both was the fact that this locksmith company had the locks rekeyed the same day we made the call. It was amazing and I felt better, not to mention my Mom!"

Repaired my door lock perfectly

“The door to my apartment jammed and I wound up being locked out without a way to get back in. I looked on the internet and found a lot of positive reviews for this company and within an hour their service guy came out. Apparently the problem was with the way the original lock was installed and the technician fixed it in just a few minutes. Then he made sure the door wouldn't stick any more. I've had no more problems and highly recommend this company for their excellent service work."

Called them because of excellent web reviews!

I called this company when one of our guests accidentally locked their knob lock and I couldn't find the key to get it open. Their technician arrived in less than 20 minutes and had the door open in about half a minute. Not only was the guy extremely courteous, but he was clearly proud about his work and seemed eager to have us as a satisfied customer. I told him that I had called his company because of their excellent web reviews and I certainly agreed with every one of them.

Meghan Bronson

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